Is Counseling For Me?

Counseling or psychotherapy is often a misunderstood process.  I have heard people say why should I go to counseling, I am not crazy.  In fact, counseling is meant to help you identify areas of need, problems occurring in your life and develop a plan to help you learn how to better solve the problems or issues on your own.  Counselors have attended at least six years of school, most of us more, worked under the supervision of a fully licensed counselor until we complete our hours.  Much like a resident who becomes a doctor.  During school and training we are specifically trained on mental health issues, brain disorders, thinking distortions, physiology of the brain, and brain chemistry. The rest of the training focuses on identifying problems individuals and families and couples have so that we can help them find better alternatives to how they have been unsuccessfully trying to resolve their issues.  Counselors are trained to identify the issues, possible causes of the issues and specifically identify the underlying causes that are causing you emotional pain, conflicts, sadness, anger, depression and frustrations.  Additionally, we diagnose other underlying issues such as anxiety, addictions, long term depression, behavior disorders and many other things that could be related to your current feelings.

Counseling is a lot about getting to know you, find out what is going on in your life or relationships, seeing what you are doing to try to resolve the issues and see what alternatives we can find to help you make better choices to resolve the things in life that are bringing you down or hurting you.

Relationships are not easy.  Sometimes we feel that there is no hope in fixing the problems in a relationship because they have been going on for a long time and you feel like you have tried everything to make the relationship work.  Making the choice to seek out counseling is the first step in hopefully finding alternative solutions to the relationship problems that you may not have tried or may not have communicated in the wrong way. Counselors provide a neutral party who is willing to listen objectively to all sides of the issues and come to a method of helping you learn how to resolve your issues in a better way and hopefully leads to that a fulfilling relationship that you have always wanted.

Families with issues getting along because of parents fighting, their children having discipline problems, failing grades, legal issues and the parents not agreeing on how to take care of the problem are only a few things that can put a family at odds with each other and feeling like there is no hope or so much conflict that everyone is not talking to each other.  Family counseling is designed to take all sides of each individual in the family, put together an assessment of the overall problem and come up with ways to help families resolve the issues in a healthy way and return to a peaceful and productive family relationship.

Teenagers can cause parents to have a lot of headaches and lose a lot of hair because of the way they think or do not think usually about what they are doing and the consequences.  If you are the parent or guardian of a teenager there is help to get you thought those years with the least amount of problems possible.  Counselors will usually meet initially with the parents to get their assessment of the issues and problems causing conflict.  Often it is behavior issues that have gotten out of control and now only leads to arguing.  Your teen or teens will then meet with the counselor to get their side of what they feel is causing the conflict.  After the counselor has made a thorough assessment of all opinions he/she will form a treatment plan to help the family address the problems as a whole and learn how to better communicate feelings and possibly better ideas for behavior or discipline problems.  The goal is to have all involved learn how to address the issues in a positive and productive manner causing the least amount of friction.

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